An insight into our Brand Philosophy: Behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered why you connect better with a certain tribe as compared to others? Their values, experiences, beliefs, stories, and such similar philosophies makes you feel comfortable & confident around them. Well, it is the same with brands. You connect more with few specific brands as they have similar values, purpose & principles as you do which makes you opt for them over others.

Natural Philosophy is one of those brands that aims at connecting and resonating with a lot of our lovely customers not only through our natural products but also through our transparency. Our sustainable packaging, artisan brand theme & ancient recipes makes our brand, Natural Philosophy unique and real.

We strongly believe in the power & principles of promoting naturality, holistic and believe that great skincare need not be expensive or harmful chemically. This belief was imbibed into us by our ancestors. They believed in the power of naturally sourced ingredients and created skincare remedies to tackle every skin problem using ingredients abundantly available in nature. They passed on these secret recipes to the generations to come and now to us!

Natural Philosophy is a compilation of these magical ancestral recipes packed in a jar for you! Our products are not just ‘skincare’, but a philosophy towards exploring skin science, rescuing skin and evolving with nature to formulate magic. We use local and ethically sourced ayurvedic ingredients across Australia and India like turmeric, saffron, beetroot, flower petals, ghee (clarified butter) & also crystals of best quality in our lovely products making them all artisan & natural. We specialise in creating skincare products with a holistic approach. We use plant-based and sacred Ayurvedic herbs to build skin collagen and elasticity for you to enhance your beauty.

So, by now you know how much we value & treasure our ancestral recipes & traditions and that’s what made us choose ‘Bagh Print’, a traditional Indian handicraft as our brand theme. This print originated long back in Bagh, Dhar district Madhya Pradesh, India where we were born and raised. Bagh print fabric motifs are typically geometric, paisley, or floral compositions dyed with vegetable colours of red and black over a white background and is a popular textile printing product. Our lovely bags are sourced from small scale artisans and NGO’s to promote their lovely craft, helping them battle through tough times. We use sustainable packaging for the products & aim at creating awareness. Our compostable mailer bags are made from bio-based materials. They break down into water, carbon dioxide and organic matter in a composting environment. All our packaging jars are PET and glass that is easily recyclable. You can find this print integrated on our product packaging, website, blogs, social media overall.


Speaking of social media, we are firm believers in embracing a life without filters. Hence all the content & pictures on our website & social media are real people with their bare improved skin. We have kept it raw & real for customers to experience natural skincare at its best! We, at Natural Philosophy are constantly working hard to create new products from extensively researched natural ingredients to give you maximum efficacy.

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