How does Crystal-infused beauty work best for your skin?


Crystals- doesn’t this magical word soothe you instantly? These little stones have been used for healing since ages! And well, you would have probably joined the cult & used one too in the form of face rollers & Gua Sha’s on your face to calm the puffiness, improve elasticity and also to get that perfect, even distribution of make-up on your face.

Did you know that a lot of leading beauty brands are now infusing their products with crystals to reap the maximum benefits from these amazing stones?

Crystal infused products help you get that natural, sparkly glow making your skin feel instantly calm, supple & energised. Did you also know the infusion of different types of crystals affect our mood too. It can calm as well as energise our skin. So, when the product is infused with crystals, all the positive

energy gets absorbed & benefits the skin greatly. As crystals are naturally occurring in nature, are organic, they work wonders on all skin types making it a clear winning ingredient!

But how does this all work? Let me answer this by asking you a simple question: Are you a ‘morning person’ or a ‘night person’? Whichever category you fall in, you are at your best self at these chosen times of the day. Well, it is kind of similar with these crystals. Some work great when charged in moonlight whilst some in sunlight. Moonlight has a more calming effect whereas Sunlight has a more active, energised effect.

We have all been on late night strolls in the moonlight: soothing & calm, aren’t they? Just imagine how wonderful will it be if your beauty products could replicate a similar effect on your skin every single time? Crystals like Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Opals & Selenite are charged in moonlight & then infused in beauty products to heal & soothe the skin. Moonlight’s exposure helps in relieving anxiety, stress & helps you calm down.

Similarly, there are few stones like Jade & Black Onyx that absorb sunlight when charged under daylight & helps your skin get that perfect glow & radiance just as the might Sun’s! These stones help in promoting harmony & balance which helps in setting your tone for the day when included in your morning routine. They make you feel positive, focused & hey! we all know when you feel pretty, you look pretty.

Each of these crystals whether charged under the moon or the sun, are said to have unique healing & protective powers and can be used as per specific needs of your skin.

Want to know which crystals would work best for your skin type? Talk to experts at Natural Philosophy & explore more of their crystal-infused “Rose Quartz Face mist and toner” and its effects on skin to enhance you inner glow!


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