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How Natural Philosophy is always curious to know about ancient alternate approach towards skin healing…

Although Natural Philosophy is about external skin enhancement, we explored an age-old skin remedy and holistic approach – Homeopathy out of curiosity to dig deep into ancient skin remedies and how effective they are through an expert advice. 

We interviewed Snehal Sagane, a practicing M.D HOMOEOPATH Consultant in Melbourne, Australia with 10+ years of experience.

1. How do you define holistic care and what part does it play in Homeopathy?

Holistic care means taking care of your mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing. Homoeopathy believes in holistic care of health. Homoeopathy is a complementary health therapy which works on the immune system of the individual.

2. Is Homoeopathy an alternative form of therapy and medicine?

I would say it is a complementary health therapy. It is customised according to the health and symptoms of an individual as each individual has different needs.

3. On what science does Homeopathy work?

Homoeopathy is the science based on SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR (Like Cures Like). They act by strengthening your immune system, on the emotional and psychological plane of the person. It is a non -toxic healing form of treatment using significantly less quantity of medicines for their preparation. The shelf life is good and so can be used for many days. It stimulates the vital energy in person with minute doses and helps to rejuvenate and feel healthy. Homoeopathy helps to maintain the economic and ecological balance as the resources are readily available, natural and are not expensive.

4. How did you decide to practice alternative medicine?

My inclination to the study of Homoeopathy was accidental. But when I started learning it and then practicing the therapy, I was able to help so many people with this gentle healing therapy. It was very inspiring and spiritual.

5. Does Homeopathy help in getting healthy and better overall skin without using harmful chemicals?

Yes! it helps to enhance beauty naturally without any harmful chemicals. Here I would like to add that it gives you beauty based on similar philosophies as the products of Natural Philosophy that are made naturally.

6. It is often believed that complementary therapy is not fast and effective specially for complex skin.

This is not true. Just like any other therapy this therapy also has some limitations. But Homoeopathy can cure chronic diseases. Chronic diseases means the diseases which patients are suffering from for a long duration like Skin complaints, Respiratory problems, Allergies. Skin allergies are treated beautifully with help of Homoeopathy and it also helps to enhance your natural immunity of the body.

7. What are the most common natural ingredients used in Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy most commonly includes minerals and plants-based medicine. Bach Flowers treatment and Tissue Salts is also part of Homoeopathy.

8. What general advice would you give to people for being healthy internally and externally?

“You know what makes you feel good, You know when you don’t feel well” – We are responsible for our wellness, wellness of our loved ones and our society hence it is utmost important to take care of oneself too. We are always there to support and help you in your journey of Wellness. Do contact us for your Health and Wellness concerns.

Thank you Snehal for your words of wisdom and you truly are beautiful!

Introducing Snehal Sagane


A complementary health professional registered with AROH Australia. She has also gained global experience to enhance her extensive knowledge. She had worked at various organizations as a Consulting Homoeopath in Singapore. She was also associated as a Wellness Expert with Grace ladies, Singapore. Before exploring global opportunities, she had her registered clinic in Bangalore, India for 5 years practicing Homeopathy.

M D – Homoeopath
AROH Registered
Homoeopathy Wellness Docklands.


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