Who is Nap?

NAP is an independently owned natural skincare brand, established in 2021, growing popularity and defying the commercial skincare conventions, going disruptive!

We dared to be different and went back to basics. If we gave you an option to go simple yet fabulous with our ayurvedic skincare solutions, would you dare to be different?

Since 2021, NAP has become the missing link between DIY skincare and the commercial skincare industry, built on the principles of going all natural, Australian-made, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulphate-free, gender-neutral and ancestral! Our products are in demand and are exactly what you needed! They can be worn at home, in Sun, at work and just about everywhere. Thank you for sharing your love with your very own small-batch production house and we promise you, your skin will keep loving you back!

What would you choose in this moment?

Founder's note

Priya Harkare is the founder and creative director of “Natural  Philosophy”, an independent ayurvedic, natural skincare brand  established in 2021, built on passing ancestral secrets and finding long term skincare solutions for your skin issues. We are a small-batch  house, based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Always keen on learning, our founder and formulator Priya is a certified  skincare formulator with a Diploma in Skincare Formulation from one of  the best skin schools – “Formula Botanica, London”. 

She went disruptive in 2019, realising the commercial industry was  confusing her by throwing all products at her, which is when she went  back to basics. This journey connected her with her mum to create  memories and ancestral skin recipes along the way. Along with her  corporate work, she started NAP by sharing its first skin secret to the  world - her mum's secret recipe "the famous Saffron Cream", this is  when Natural Philosophy was born. Priya has redefined luxury skincare,  changed the norms of a very competitive industry and going back to  basics! 

She believes that skin needs to breathe, live free, and only nature and  natural ingredients can uncover this new realm. She approaches each  formulation with precision backed by science. This has helped her  explore skin science and ayurveda which descent from as ancient as  5000 years and Cleopatra’s age. Evolving NAP into a unique blend of  these ancient ayurvedic ingredients with modern plant-based ingredients  was nothing less than a skin miracle for herself, her friends, and family  around her. The secret to her ongoing progress has always been her  honesty whether being customers, friends, or family. 

With that in mind, she also wants our Australian community to experience the transformative power of nature and indulge in a skincare ritual that goes beyond mere aesthetics. Our simplistic approach to the art of making skincare will allow you to experience and invigorate your sensory perceptions towards herbs and its benefits.


Natural Philosophy is one of those brands that aims at connecting and resonating with a lot of our lovely customers not only through our natural products but also through our transparency. Our ethics and sustainable practices make us different!

Our recyclable sustainable packaging, artisan brand theme & ancient recipes make our brand, Natural Philosophy unique and real. Yes! our skincare models are real people with unfiltered results. We keep it raw and real! We use sustainable glass and PET packaging that are easily recyclable for the products & aim at creating awareness. Our compostable mailer bags are made from bio-based materials. They break down into water, carbon dioxide and organic matter in a composting environment. Our lovely bags are sourced from small scale artisans and NGOs to promote their lovely craft, helping them battle through tough times.

All our skincare is Australian-made, hand-filled and packaged in Melbourne, home-based studio lab. They are carefully curated in small-batches. Although we have a home-based lab setup, maintaining the best GMP(General manufacturing practices) is very crucial to us. This includes a few activities like cleanliness, wearing safety gloves, inventory management, expiry dates, correct labelling, maintaining equipment. Our dedication to customer skincare journey doesn’t stop at our sustainable products and packaging alone. We are here to guide and support customers along the way, offering expert advice and tips to help you achieve their skin goals through our new Skincare chats on YouTube where we interview industry experts and interview real people with real skincare issues.

We also love giving back to the community and the environment which our customers can be a part of to create sustainable futures.
5% from each of our sale contributes towards RSPCA helping our fur babies find new homes and assist in their adoption. Additionally, 5% contributes towards Starlight children's foundation for children fighting against their health issues. We, at Natural Philosophy are constantly working hard to create new products from extensively researched natural ingredients to give you maximum efficacy.”

Our Awards

Natural Philosophy is a multi-award winning natural ayurvedic skincare brand operating right amongst the lovely West Melbourne community encouraging and unveiling world’s ancestral botanical knowledge and preserve them in an artisan, “natural” skincare range. We have recently won an award for best small business 2023 from Tarneit Business Association & also a proud finalist for Best new & emerging business 2023 from the Melbourne's Wyndham City Council. Our passion has now developed the brand into a professional registered and trademarked Skincare brand where you are receiving information from a Certified Skincare Formulating professional. Although nascent, our unique ayurveda products have received tremendous feedback and 5-star reviews as we continue to deliver quality ayurveda skin active skincare.